7.13 “Weeks Go By Like Days” Recap/Review

Sorry that it’s a day late, yesterday I was a little busy. But here is a recap and my reaction of episode 7.13, “Weeks Go By Like Days.”

First off, it was great seeing Haley performing again. I loved that she got to take Jamie and Nathan with her. While my friend kept yelling about how she hates when Haley sings, I personally love it when she sings. I think Joy is very talented and its great to see her do both singing and acting at the same time.

The rest of the episode was also great. It was a great episode to come back from hiatus with. Although some parts made me really mad, but what can we do? All that just comes with being a dramatic show. It’s not always going to be pleasing, but its always going to be dramatic.

Lets start off with Brooke and Julian….the part that made me the most upset. I really wish, just for once, that Brooke will be happy. She was happy there for a minute, but it didn’t seem to last very long. On one hand, I understand why she is being so untrustworthy toward Julian, but on the other hand, I think its a little too much. She knows Julian loves her, so why can’t she just let his working relationship with Alex go? But I do get where she is coming from. Every person Julian has tried to “help” he has fallen in love with. First Peyton, and then Brooke, and now maybe Alex?? I can see that Julian really does love Brooke, but are there underlying feelings for Alex as well? In my opinion, there probably are. I just with Brooke would get over it already and just be with Julian, because we all know that’s what she wants. He’s been fighting and fighting for her and for some reason she is just not getting it. Although, I don’t think its Julian she doesn’t trust, I think its mostly Alex. I think Brooke is just trying to back off so she can sit back and see if anything does form between Julian and Alex. And this is her way of getting hurt now, rather than later…do you see what I’m saying?

Speaking of Alex, I’m glad she is starting to change things more, but I still don’t like her. I love that she is trying to help Millie, because she knows more than anyone what its like to be addicted to cocaine. At first I thought she was getting back into her own drug addicting ways, but I was glad that she wasn’t. I am glad she is helping Millie, however, I still think she is trying to get with Julian. She may be backing off a little now, but once she knows that Julian isn’t going to fight for Brooke anymore and that Brooke isn’t going to fight for Julian, I think she is going to go try and sink her claws into Julian once again. I have never trusted Alex and this little change in her isn’t going to make me change my mind. There is just something about her.

Moving on, away from all that drama, lets go on to a whole other piece of drama…Clay and Quinn. There is just something about them being together that I don’t like. I’ve always wanted her to make up with David, because they were married, and I personally don’t really believe in divorce, and I thought it was kinda wrong for her to be going for Clay when she was still married. I understand that Quinn and David’s relationship was over when she was going after Clay, but still. Although I am glad she is finally divorced, though, because it seems less immoral. Anyway, now that Quinn is divorced, there is something about her relationship with Clay that I still don’t like. I don’t know, maybe its all the cheesy lines and whatnot that comes out of their relationship. I kind of feel the way, that I feel toward Lucas and Peyton. I don’t know, maybe my thoughts will change later.

Talking about this whole Clay/Quinn/David love triangle thing, brings me to this…WHAT THE HELL IS TAYLOR DOING WITH DAVID!? She had to have known that was Quinn’s ex-husband…I mean there was a wedding, right!? Did she like not attend, or ever meet David, or not remember him, or what!? This part is a little confusing. I mean she had to have known who he was. Knowing Taylor she did know but didn’t care. I mean afterall, it is Taylor. But its kinda sad to see that she hasn’t changed after all these years.

Before I go, I’d like to say that I loved Victoria this episode. I thought she was hilarious, as usual. Now that her and Brooke are “mother/daughter” Victoria has grown on me. She is actually quite funny and witty. I also love that she is helping Millie. I just hope that Millie really does want to change.

And another thing, I’m not too sure about this Alexander guy. We didn’t see him much so I can’t really say a whole lot on him except that the whole Alex/Alexander thing is a bit weird.


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7.13 “Weeks Go By Like Days” Preview

Who’s excited for tonights ALL NEW episode of One Tree Hill!? I know I am!!

Before the new episode, however, I want to post my thoughts on what I am excited to see.

First…a couple of promos for episode 7.13:

What I’m really excited to see is Haley on tour!! Its going to be great to see her perform her music again. And having Nathan and Jamie on tour with her is going to be great!! I love it that she’s able to go back, somewhat, and kind of “redo” her mistake of not taking Nathan, or even asking him, to go with her on her first tour. It’s nice that this time around the whole family is together!

Incase you haven’t seen it yet, here is a couple of videos of Haley performing on tour:

I’m excited to see what is going to happen between Brooke and Julian but at the same time I don’t want to know, because I don’t think their relationship will end up the way we all want it to. I believe that Alex has been trying to jeopardize their relationship for a while now, and I still think she is trying to. I know it may sound bad, but I don’t feel sorry for her. I did for a minute, but then I didn’t. Yes, she tried to kill herself, and yes that is sad, but I don’t think she did it because she really wanted to die. I think she did it because she KNEW that Julian would come to her rescue, which he did. So therefore, I don’t really feel sorry for her. Now, Julian wants to “save” Alex!? Can he save her without falling for her? I wish I could say, “sure, he can save her without falling for her,” but the truth is, I don’t think he can. Just like Brooke said, he “saved” Peyton after she broke up with Lucas, and ended up falling in love with her, and he did that same with Brooke when he was helping her with Sam. I just want Brooke to end up with the guy, and even though we all thought this would be the time she would, I don’t think it is anymore.

If you haven’t seen it, yet, here is a sneak peek of episode 7.13, which involves Brooke and Julian:

I’m also really excited to see what happens with Millie. I’ve always loved  her, but this season I’m just so disappointed in her. I was so proud of her when she decided to go to rehab, but I just want to slap her for leaving. However, I’m hoping within the 6 weeks we didn’t see, she decides to go back. I want to see her get better, and I want to see her and Mouth work things out. Here’s to hoping those things happen. And by the promo it looks as if Victoria is going to help her.

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SOTW: Keane- Everybody’s Changing

Week: January 17- January 24

Song: Everybody’s Changing

Artist: Keane

Episodes heard: 2.02

During episode 2.02, “Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise,” Everybody’s Changing can be heard during the ending montage of scenes.

For lyrics and an official video, check out the Song of the Week box above.

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I’m Baaaack!

Yep, that’s right!! I’m (hopefully) back!! Out Internet is fixed and I will hopefully be able to post on a regular basis again. The new school semester has started but this semester I am not taking as many credit hours so hopefully I will have more time to update this. In order to help me I’ve created a schedule which will go like this:

Sunday: new Song of the Week

Monday: my thoughts on the upcoming episode

Tuesday: my recap/review of Monday’s episode

Wednesday: new discussion (most likely about Monday’s episode)

Currently Thursday/Friday/Saturday have nothing specifically planned. If I come up with anything I’ll put them on one of those days, but for right now I probably wont, so that I can spend my time doing things for school, etc.

If anyone has any new ideas for this blog, just let me know!

The new schedule will start today, with a new song of the week.

I will be getting rid of all the past songs of the week on the music box and the link above, just so that gives me a fresh start.

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Regarding Lack of Posting

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for my lack of posting lately. Our internet at our apartment complex has been not working for a while now, which makes it hard to update. It should be fixed this week sometime. Should being the key term! As soon as it is fixed, though, I will be updating a lot more, and poating everything I’ve missed.

Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

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Episode 7.07 Recap/Review

Monday’s episode of One Tree Hill was a good one for sure!! This season just keeps getting better and better!

I was worried about Renee going on Dan’s talk show. I had no idea what he was going to pull. I mean, this is Dan after all. And when I say, I didn’t know what he was going to pull, I mean that in a bad way. Dan never pulls anything good. At first, I think its safe to say, everyone thought he was going to pull something bad. Him bringing out that lie detector couldn’t have brought out anything good to the situation. At least that is what everyone thought.

Nobody would think that Dan would actually help Nathan and that that lie detector would be a sham. Although we all thought that she was really telling the truth when the lie detector said she was telling the truth about sleeping with Nathan. And even if she was telling the truth, a lie detector is not a good way of prooving it to be true.

The proof that tipped people off, and proving that she was lying? The look on her face when Dan told her about the lie deterctor was of pure nervousness. She looked so worried because she was lying ans she knew everyone would fine out she was lying. But the lie detector said she was not lying, and her look then was of pure shock. This is what helped the professtional body language experts come to the conclusion that Renee was in fact lying.

Oh Dan….how you have shocked us again, but this time it was in a good way. Of course it was so he could get back on good terms with Nathan, but this will not make up for killing Kieth. I don’t think anything will make up for that. Although, you have went up a step in my book, and many others’, that is only a small step. Nothing you do will bring Kieth back.

So if Nathan is not the father of Renee’s baby, who is? Just because this part of the story is over, I still have a feeling we will be seeing more of Renee. Some people have said that they think Clay is the father. Which does make sense., for many reasons.

Speaking of Clay, I was so sad for him this episode. I’m so glad we finally got to see into his past and we got to see why he is the person he is. Why he doesn’t want to let a woman in his heart, just his bed. He was in love before, and he married his love…Sara. However, Sara is dead. She died a sudden and trajic death and it kills him to move on. Which seems to be the reason he is seeing Sara. She wants him to move on, maybe with Quinn. I understand why its so hard for him to move on, and it was very shocking to know that Sara has been dead this whole time. Poor, poor Clay!

I was also glad to see into the past of Quinn. We have met these new characters but we haven’t really known much about them. Quinn and David were so happy together. I believe that they can be that happy again. Some say they want Quinn to be with Clay. Now although that would be nice, Quinn is married. And maybe its because I don’t believe in divorce, I think Quinn should try and work things out with David. That is her husband, and that is the right thing to do.

Now even thought I loved seeing the truth come out with Renee, and I loved seeing the pasts of Quinn and Clay, we didn’t get to see much of Brooke and Julian, which made me kinda sad. I loved that she admitted to writing “marry me” in the sand. Those two are definaly the ones for each other!

I can’t wait for the next episode. Skills is back and it looks hilarious!!

Until then!

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SOTW: The Fray- You Found Me

This week’s One Tree Hill song of the week is by The Fray.

They have four songs featured on the show and this week’s featured song is You Found Me.

You Found Me is heard in episode 6.16, during the ending montage of scenes…A table reading takes place for Lucas’s book,  Julian shows Brooke his yearbook picture and tells her he does not want High School Brooke, and Peyton gets an ultrasound and her and Lucas hear the baby’s heartbeat.

I think its the perfect song for this montage of scenes. Brooke is feeling insecure about her relationship with Julian and Peyton is feeling like she is putting somewhat of a burden on Lucas…but in the end they both realize that what they are feeling is just the opposite.

How do you guys feel about this song for this particular montage of scenes?

To hear the song, just click the box to the right and for lyrics and an official video of You Found Me, click the song of the week box above.

[Editors note: The song will be up in the music box ASAP]


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