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SOTW: Bethany Joy Galeotti/Haley James Scott- Halo

If you have been following me on Twitter, then you would have already gotten the message that I have switched the song of the week post from Friday to Mondays.

The next song of the week, is One Tree Hill’s very own Bethany Joy Galeotti, AKA Haley James Scott. Joy has performed several songs on the show, as her character, Haley. The song that I have picked for this week’s song of the week is Halo.

Halo is featured in three episodes during season three: 3.09, 3.10, nd 3.15. The first time is when Nathan plays the song after Chris gives him a demo of it, the second being during the ending montage of scenes in 3.10, and the final time being when Haley performs her new song for the first time at Tric.

To hear the song just click the box at the right and for lyrics and a video of Haley’s performace just click the Song of the Week box above.



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Discussion: Antwon Tanner

I’m sure everyone has heard by now about what has been going on with Antwon Tanner, who plays “Skills.” He has plead guilty for fraud and he is at risk of losing his job on One Tree Hill.

What are your thoughts on this whole thing? Do you think he should be fired from the show?

Even if you agree with what has already been said, I still want to know that. I’ll leave the discussion up for a week or so before I post my thoughts on the subject.

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SOTW: Howie Day: Collide

This week’s song is Howie Day- Collide. It was featured in the episode 2.05, “I Will Dare.” It has been the only time this song has been feature in the show and has been the only song featured by this artist.

This song is feature at the end of “I Will Dare,” during the ending montage of scenes.

To hear the song, just push play in the side bar. It’s the acoustic version, but it still sounds good! You can also listen to past songs of the week. And for lyrics, just click the Song of the Week box above.


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Brucas All the Way

That’s right fellow One Tree Hill fans…I am a Brucas fan. I have always been a Brucas fan, and I will always be a Brucas fan, even though I know it’s never going to happen. I mean, even Mark is a Leyton fan, and considering he is the creator of the show, ultimately what he says, goes. But that still doesn’t change my mind.

Some say that the only reason Lucas dated Brooke in season one was because Peyton didn’t want to be with him, and I don’t really believe that. When Lucas first met Peyton, he was instantly crushing on her. He tried and tried to be with her but she just wasn’t ready, and who could blame her? But then again, I don’t think she ever knew what she wanted. I’m sure when he first started hanging out with Brooke it was to make Peyton jealous or whatever, but after really hanging out with her, and getting to know her, he liked Brooke too. I mean he had to of liked her or he would have chosen Peyton that night she came to  his door only to find out that Lucas was already dating Brooke.

Some also say that it was wrong of Brooke to go after Lucas when she knew that Peyton also liked him. Well, I disagree. When she started talking about how she wanted to hook up with Lucas, Peyton kept telling her she was not into him. And not to mention she was with Nathan. If it were me and I liked a guy who I thought my friend also liked, if she kept assuring me she didn’t have feelings for him, I would go after him. Even when Brooke and Lucas were together, Brooke asked her all the time about her feelings for Lucas, and Peyton kept denying them. You can say it was because Peyton was a good friend, but I disagree. I speak from experience when I say, its better for someone to be honest then to keep lying to your face. Especially when it is your best friend. If Brooke was really Peyton’s best friend she would have just been glad Peyton was telling her the truth. Brooke got mad, when she finally did find out the truth, because Peyton kept denying her feelings and she had an affair with Lucas behind her back when Peyton knew how much she cared about him. Before everything got messy, Peyton should have just been honest with her feelings from the beginning.

But it was right choice when Lucas decided to not date either of them. And I was happy when all three of them starting to become friends again, because that’s how it should be. But I still wished Brucas would get back together. When season two rolled around and Lucas admitted that there was a girl he still had feelings for, everyone thought it would be Peyton. But it wasn’t! It was Brooke, and I was oh so happy! I was also happy for Peyton and Jake. I’m also a Jeyton fan, But we aren’t talking about them, are we?

Anyway, I felt so bad for Lucas when he admitted that he had feelings for Brooke, and when he went to go tell her, Brooke was with Felix. I thought it was adorable, everything Lucas did for Brooke. It really showed that he cared about her and wanted to be with her. Sadly she never caught on, but it wasn’t long until Brooke finally started rekindling her feelings for Lucas after the breakup with Felix. Even Peyton noticed Brooke’s feelings for Lucas, and I have heard this from some people, Brooke never got permission to date Lucas, but that’s wrong. Peyton DID tell Brooke that it was fine if she dated Lucas again. Peyton was happy with Jake and she was happy for Brooke if she dated Lucas. Even when Brooke thought Lucas had feelings for Peyton, and she told Peyton this, Peyton still didn’t want to be with Lucas, because she was in love with Jake.

I agree with Kristen, when she says Brucas’s relationship was real. In real life people do not fall in love at first sight. Not many people do anyway. Brooke and Lucas’s relationship was more real. They brought the best out in each other. Brooke was there for Lucas many times and Lucas was there for Brooke a lot too. He also showed her that she didn’t have to be the slutty, dumb, cheerleader that everyone thought that she was. He showed her that she was more than that. Yes, at first, they dated for the wrong reasons, but after they became really good friends, they got together for the right reasons.

Even thought I love Brucas, I still liked Brooke with Chase too. He also brought good out in her. I just don’t understand how Lucas went from saying he only saw Peyton as a friend, to saying he had feelings for her too. To me, it was all just too quick.

To me, Leyton, made me kinda want to gag. Their relationship was just too cheesy for me. It seemed forced in a way. Especially in season six. Not only that but their storyline was all too depressing and morbid, I think.

All in all, I will forever be a Brucas fan and I’m kind of glad that Lucas and Peyton wont be on the show anymore. But at least all you Leyton fans can sleep soundly knowing that Lucas and Peyton wound up together in the end, even though the show isn’t over.

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SOTW: Snow Patrol- Run

This week’s song of the week was featured in the episode, none other than, “The Games That Play Us.” I actually, didn’t choose this song based on that fact, it was merely coincidence.

This song played at the end of the episode, during the ending scenes; Keith and Lucas get ready to leave Tree Hill, Haley and Nathan announce their marriage to Lucas, Peyton and Brooke wake up next to each other while the letter from Lucas waits for them outside, Nicki is on her wait to Seattle, and Dan has a heart attack. I can think of some ways this song relates to this montage of scenes, but others I’m not really sure about. What do you think?

For reference, here is the video of the end of  “The Games That Play Us.”

This is the only time this song is featured in the series, but Snow Patrol is featured several times throughout the seasons. Another popular song by Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars, was featured in another One Tree Hill season finale. This time in season three, although it wasn’t during the ending montage of scenes like this song was.

To hear the song just click the play button on the box to the right, where you can also hear past songs. And for lyrics just click the Song of the Week box above.

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Discussion: Brucas or Leyton

I read a tweet from @othbugs, to which I replied, which basically talked about the love triangle between Lucas, Brooke, and Peyton. I replied, to which a discussion started between myself and @music_is_love10, to which we were both on different sides.

So my question to you is…Brucas or Leyton? I guess the main question is, why? Why do you chose Leyton over Brucas, or vice versa?

I’ll leave the discussion open for about a week, like I did last time, and then I will post my thoughts in a separate post.

And while we are discussing this, lets leave the bashing and the hating towards the other characters/actors out. Thanks!

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SOTW: Jimmy Eat World- 23

Last night I was watching season two of One Tree Hill and I got to the end of episode 10- “Don’t Take Me for Granted.” I forgot how much I love the end of this episode. The ending song was Jimmy Eat World- 23. I love this song, and it was the perfect song for this montage of scenes…Peyton meets up with Rick to buy drugs but is surprised by Jake showing up, Lucas goes to tell Anna there is another girl he wants to be with then goes to tell that girl only to find out she’s with another guy, and Nathan makes Haley dinner but she’s at the bus stop meeting Chris. Oh, the games that play these Tree Hill residents.

This is the only time that this song plays on this show, but that’s not the only time Jimmy Eat World has a song featured on this show. Jimmy Eat World even performs on the show, during the two hour season 2 finale, where they perform three songs at Tric…Work, Polaris, and Here You Me. More of their songs are featured throughout the series.

To listen to 23, just click play in the sidebar. You can also listen to past songs of the week. For lyrics of the current song of the week, click on the Song of the Week box above.

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