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Episode 7.07 Recap/Review

Monday’s episode of One Tree Hill was a good one for sure!! This season just keeps getting better and better!

I was worried about Renee going on Dan’s talk show. I had no idea what he was going to pull. I mean, this is Dan after all. And when I say, I didn’t know what he was going to pull, I mean that in a bad way. Dan never pulls anything good. At first, I think its safe to say, everyone thought he was going to pull something bad. Him bringing out that lie detector couldn’t have brought out anything good to the situation. At least that is what everyone thought.

Nobody would think that Dan would actually help Nathan and that that lie detector would be a sham. Although we all thought that she was really telling the truth when the lie detector said she was telling the truth about sleeping with Nathan. And even if she was telling the truth, a lie detector is not a good way of prooving it to be true.

The proof that tipped people off, and proving that she was lying? The look on her face when Dan told her about the lie deterctor was of pure nervousness. She looked so worried because she was lying ans she knew everyone would fine out she was lying. But the lie detector said she was not lying, and her look then was of pure shock. This is what helped the professtional body language experts come to the conclusion that Renee was in fact lying.

Oh Dan….how you have shocked us again, but this time it was in a good way. Of course it was so he could get back on good terms with Nathan, but this will not make up for killing Kieth. I don’t think anything will make up for that. Although, you have went up a step in my book, and many others’, that is only a small step. Nothing you do will bring Kieth back.

So if Nathan is not the father of Renee’s baby, who is? Just because this part of the story is over, I still have a feeling we will be seeing more of Renee. Some people have said that they think Clay is the father. Which does make sense., for many reasons.

Speaking of Clay, I was so sad for him this episode. I’m so glad we finally got to see into his past and we got to see why he is the person he is. Why he doesn’t want to let a woman in his heart, just his bed. He was in love before, and he married his love…Sara. However, Sara is dead. She died a sudden and trajic death and it kills him to move on. Which seems to be the reason he is seeing Sara. She wants him to move on, maybe with Quinn. I understand why its so hard for him to move on, and it was very shocking to know that Sara has been dead this whole time. Poor, poor Clay!

I was also glad to see into the past of Quinn. We have met these new characters but we haven’t really known much about them. Quinn and David were so happy together. I believe that they can be that happy again. Some say they want Quinn to be with Clay. Now although that would be nice, Quinn is married. And maybe its because I don’t believe in divorce, I think Quinn should try and work things out with David. That is her husband, and that is the right thing to do.

Now even thought I loved seeing the truth come out with Renee, and I loved seeing the pasts of Quinn and Clay, we didn’t get to see much of Brooke and Julian, which made me kinda sad. I loved that she admitted to writing “marry me” in the sand. Those two are definaly the ones for each other!

I can’t wait for the next episode. Skills is back and it looks hilarious!!

Until then!


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SOTW: The Fray- You Found Me

This week’s One Tree Hill song of the week is by The Fray.

They have four songs featured on the show and this week’s featured song is You Found Me.

You Found Me is heard in episode 6.16, during the ending montage of scenes…A table reading takes place for Lucas’s book,  Julian shows Brooke his yearbook picture and tells her he does not want High School Brooke, and Peyton gets an ultrasound and her and Lucas hear the baby’s heartbeat.

I think its the perfect song for this montage of scenes. Brooke is feeling insecure about her relationship with Julian and Peyton is feeling like she is putting somewhat of a burden on Lucas…but in the end they both realize that what they are feeling is just the opposite.

How do you guys feel about this song for this particular montage of scenes?

To hear the song, just click the box to the right and for lyrics and an official video of You Found Me, click the song of the week box above.

[Editors note: The song will be up in the music box ASAP]


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Discussion: Guilty or Not Guilty

After several episodes of One Tree Hill, I think the storyline we want to know the most about is the Nathan/Renee, did he get her pregnant, storyline.

For this discussion, I want to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Do you think Nathan did it?
If you think he did it, what is your reasoning?
If you don’t think he did it, also, what is your reasoning behind it, and, what do you think are the explanations behind the evidence that makes him look guilty?

Despite your thoughts, how do you think Mark will end this story?
Do you think he already has the ending written?
Or do you think he has waited/is waiting to see what the fans have to say first, before writing the ending to his story?

I’ll write my thoughts, in a new post, after I get some comments and hear what you all have to say.

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Episode 7.06 Recap/Review

Another great episode from season 7 of One Tree Hill! This season just keeps getting better and better! Don’t you agree??

After watching last week, I was excited to see how the Dan and Renee story was going to unfold, even though I loath those two! Unfortunately, it was another week of wondering what was going to happen with that situation. I guess we will have to wait until next week to see Renee on Dan’s talk show. Even so, we still, unfortunately, got to see a good amount of Renee in this episode. Haley was wrestling with the decision of whether or not, she, herself, were going to pay off Renee. In return Renee would say that the whole thing was a lie, but she wanted more money. I would have been so upset with Haley if she did that, so I was relieved to know that she didn’t.

And oh, how I loved the moment between Haley and Nathan. That moment where I was reminded why I love those two so much. It was like a moment where we saw Naley from the earlier seasons, when they first fell in love, and when the fell in love with each other all over again. It makes me sad when it starts to seem that Haley doesn’t believe Nathan, but after seeing that moment, I am 100% sure that they will get through it all and be happier than ever.

Haley: I don’t want to see you lose your dream.
Nathan: Lose her? She’s right here. I’m never letting go of her.

Moving on to another couple, Brooke and Julian is one couple that I fall in love with more and more each episode. I was a bit scared for them, this episode, but I know that Julian is madly in love with Brooke, and I know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her or their relationship. I mean, you can clearly see that, when Alex undresses in front of him and you can see that he doesn’t want to see any other woman, but Brooke, to undress in front of him. It just kind of upset me that he didn’t tell Brooke, which would have upset me too, just like it upset her. But using Chase to get back at Julian…GENIUS! But Chase is right, Alex now, is like what Brooke was in high school. Although I liked high school Brooke way more than I like Alex now.

Brooke: No I’m not okay. Ho-bag got naked in front of Julian!
Chase: Ho-bag?
Brooke: Alex ‘my butt is the size of a cumquat’ Dupree, my model. She’s so manipulative and materialistic and self-serving, and naked and…
Chase: Brookish?

I was so glad that Brooke fired Alex, though. I mean, she makes a great model, but she should stick to acting because she seems to be great at it. Besides, she is LESS than a size zero, and Brooke has always said “Zero is not a size,” which is like the motto of her company. She shouldn’t go against what she believes in just to have Alex as her model.

Speaking of size zero, I was very disappointed in Millie this week. She just keeps disappointing me more and more. Now she is taking diet pills! Alex is so wrong, Millie is NOT  a plus size model. Just because she isn’t a size zero, doesn’t mean anything! Millicent is a beautiful women and she doesn’t need diet pills to make her skinnier! She is skinny enough. Being a size zero is WAY  too thin! I knew it would a bad idea hanging out with Alex, but I didn’t know she would go and do this! I just hope, soon, that she realizes that she is beautiful, and doesn’t need to change herself. I thought that Alex’s advice was going to help Millie, but in the end, what help did it do?

Although I despise Alex, I do love that txt message she sent to Mouth, pretending to be Millie…It was too funny!

Melvin, got my drink on…if you’re done being a tool come rock out with your cock out….

Speaking of Mouth, what a good guy he is! I keep saying this, but he really such an amazing person. He is such a good friend and sometimes that is very rare to find.

Mouth: Nathan Scott is a Tree Hill local who overcame injury and adversity to achieve his dream, a dream to play professional basketball. But lately Nathan’s career has taken a backseat to allegations of an affair that led to the pregnancy of a fan. In my opinion, continuing to report on these allegations without any further evidence of their validity is a reckless attempt on the part of this network to boost ratings. I’m not saying athletes are above the law, but I think it’s up to science to determine the validity of these claims, not the evening news. To date there’s been no new evidence that suggests that Nathan Scott is guilty of these allegations. And yet he looks guiltier the more that we report on him. For my part I got into sports news because I think reporting on athletes inspires people to be exceptional. And while I’ve never been an exceptional athlete I can strive to be exceptional in my own way: by refusing to bow to pressure, by refusing to stoop to a level that’s beneath me, just like Nathan Scott has refused to. I believe in Nathan Scott, but I also believe in my viewers. I believe you don’t want any part in dragging him through the mud. So if you want sports news and not gossip, turn the channel, let my boss know that news isn’t just about ratings. It’s about people, and integrity, but mostly it’s about truth and that still means something. I’m Marvin McFadden and this is sports. Or at least it used to be.

Before I end this, I just have one question. Who the heck is this Sarah chick? But as Mark’s usual this season, he’s going to drag it out a little bit before going somewhere with it.

Oh and another thing, I totally missed Skills and Jamie this week! 😦

Until next week!
(Which I have to say, should be good. We will finally see the whole Renee/Dan thing!)

Quotes courtesy of One Tree Hill Blog

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Regarding Song of the Week

I apologize for there being no One Tree Hill song of the week, this week. It seems that I have been doing this a lot lately, but school is just so time consuming, and with my computer being out of commission, it makes it even harder. I will try my best to get one up for next week.

In the meantime, I would like to know what song you would like to see featured for Song of the Week. As I get responses in I will start making drafts of posts, which will, hopefully, make it easier for me to post a song of the week on time.

So, what are you favorite songs featured in One Tree Hill?

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Episode 7.05 Recap/Review

Monday’s episode was filled with drama and I have to say was one of the best episodes yet, this season.

First of all I would like to say that I loved seeing Chase and Mia together in this episode. I love those two together and they were just adorable in this episode!

Quinn and Clay also got pretty close in this episode. Something tells me they are going to hook up sometime during this season, even though Quinn is a married woman. A lot of people want to see them get together, and although that would be cute, I would like to see her be divorced first. There is nothing I hate more than someone who cheats, even if they are separated.

But, I think the most dramatic part of the episode was when Haley gets arrest for assault and battery. And I have to say, watching that slap gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it! I felt so bad for Jamie, thought, having to watch his mom get arrested like that. But it was hilarious when he opened the door to the policemen and got scared, after Haley got done telling him the “tooth police” were going to come if he didn’t brush his teeth. So cute!! Reminded me of the time Skills told him that Dan got arrested for not cleaning his room. However, the look on his face, while they put handcuffs on his mom and put her in the back of the squad car, was just so sad.

I’m so glad that Renee decided to drop the charges. I mean, come on! It was just a bitch slap. Haley could have done way worse! I still hate Renee, none the less. And even though she said that her number was on Nathan’s phone bill, and it turned out it was, I still have that feeling that Nathan didn’t do it. Something tells me that Renee set that up herself, just like the pregnancy!

So Millie’s new job is modeling for Brooke. I knew it had to be something along those lines. Although I think it’s great, I still don’t think its a good idea. Ever since she walked down that runway, I feel as if something has changed with Millie. And the main reason, that I think, is her hanging out with Alex. I do NOT think that is a good idea on Millie’s part! Not at all!! I mean staying out all night long and not calling Mouth to tell her where she was, is not Millie! And Mouth’s comment to her might have been a bit mean, but I have to agree with him. It’s fine if Millie wants to be a model, but she doesn’t need to be acting like one. And so far, she is starting to. And in my opinion, Alex is the reason why.

Speaking of Alex, I hated her in this episode. What the hell did she think she was doing, walking to the door in just a t-shirt and no underwear, and then instead of putting on clothes, just putting on underwear. I don’t know what she thinks she is trying to do, but thank goodness Julian didn’t fall for it. And what the hell was that, when she got naked in front of him!!! But I loved it when Brooke went over there and gave Alex a piece of her mind! And what she said was 100% true! But Alex needed to hear it. Unfortunately Julian decided to give Alex another chance, which Brooke is very jealous about, and I don’t see that working out for the best, considering the previews for  next week.

And those previews look pretty intense. We, hopefully, get to find out what Dan’s proposition is, since we didn’t get to find out this episode. And Brooke walks in on something between Julian and Alex which results in Julian sleeping on the couch and Alex being fired…hm…makes me wonder!?

Until next week!

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Goodbye Lucas and Peyton

I’m actually kind of shocked at how many people still ask ‘Where are Lucas and Peyton?’ But the question is still asked and the ones that do still ask are very shocked. As were everyone else when they first found out. Some of you miss them, and some of you don’t.

I’d first like to thank everyone who left a comment on the Discussion post and who left a reply about the subject on Twitter. I had a lot of responses for this discussion.

Like I said, some miss them and some don’t. Some have even mentioned that they may not watch the show anymore. I think if you are a true, avid fan of the show you will continue to watch no matter what. But that is just my own personal opinion. I have been an avid fan since day one and I will continue to watch no matter what. Yes, the show is different without two main characters, but it’s not like its a whole entirely different show. And that is what some thing. We still have Naley, and Brooke, and unfortunately, Dan too. We even have the minor characters that have been around from season one. So there are a few new characters? Mark isn’t trying to replace Lucas and Peyton, he is just trying to compensate for their loss. The show is still in good running and I think this season is a great one! Chad and Hilarie decided not to come back. It was their choice. We shouldn’t punish the rest of the cast or Mark, by not watching, because of something they chose to do.

With that being said, do I miss Leyton? Well being a Brucas fan, I do not miss Lucas and Peyton as a couple, but I do miss their individual characters. I miss the friendships they shared with the other characters and what they brought to the show as individuals. Even so, I still love the show without them. Yes, I miss them, but the show must go on and we have to accept the fact that they are gone, and they may not come back. May being the operative term. Some people act like Lucas and Peyton got killed off. They just got written off! Chad and Hilarie may decided in the future if they want to come back, even at least for a guest spot, or one episode. Hopefully they will at least be back for the series finale. It always sucks when a main character gets written off, but at least they weren’t killed off, and that is always worse.

And the show is just not about Lucas and Peyton. The show started off about Lucas and Nathan and their relationship with each other and others. Season 6 revolved mostly around Leyton, but the whole series has not revolved around them. We still have Naley, who is the other main couple in the show, and who has just as much story time as Leyton, if not more. Yes, if it were James and Joy who decided not to return, I would probably feel the same as some of you do, but like I said I would continue to watch no matter what. I had faith that Mark would make this season great, without two main characters, and I think he has accomplished that. This season, so far, has been one hell of a ride for these characters and I feel as if it’s only going to get more dramatic. I think Mark has done a great job with this season and I think it’s just going to get better!

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