Lookback: Peyton vs. Haley

October 2, 2009 at 1:59 PM 1 comment

So I’ve currently been re-watching Season 3 of One Tree Hill and I can’t help but hate the way that Peyton treated Haley when Haley got back from the tour.

When Haley returned, Peyton ignored her and was a bitch to her. And for what, exactly? Was Peyton angry at Haley for leaving? I’m not sure. Was Peyton angry at Haley for not calling while she was away? Maybe. Was Peyton just angry at birth mother, Ellie, for giving her up and then returning 17 years later, but taking it out on Haley? Most likely.

If you remember, Peyton was the one that stuck up for Haley when she left to go on tour with Chris. She was the one that encouraged her singing and wanted her to sing that duet, at Tric, with Chris.  She was the one that told Nathan “Sometimes they come back.” So why the sudden change of heart when Haley returned to Tree Hill?

My thoughts are that Peyton was angry at Ellie for leaving and she was taking it out on Haley. But why?

Peyton answered that very question after her and Haley finally made up. She was taking it out on her because she was the only one who came back. Although, in my opinion, I still don’t see that as an excuse for Peyton’s behavior. I love Peyton, but I just didn’t like the way she treated Haley, because there wasn’t a real reason.

What do you guys think??


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  • 1. allison  |  October 4, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Okaii starting in season 3 Peyton began to annoy me, she was so jealous of Brooke & Lucas’ relationship then she messed up there relationship by butting in.
    She hating on Haley because she went off to face her dream really set me off.


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