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Character of the Month: Nathan

For the month of October, our featured One Tree Hill character will be…



Name: Nathan Royal Scott

Age: 24

Relationship Status: Married to Haley James Scott

Past Relationships: Peyton Sawyer

Children: James Scott

Parents: Dan and Deb Scott

Siblings: Lucas Scott

Best Friend: Tim Smith

Other Relatives (not by marriage): Keith Scott, uncle; Lily Scott, cousin; Cooper Lee, uncle

Hobbies: Playing basketball, playing NBA Live on Playstation

High School Activities: Raven’s Basketball

Profession: Player in the NBA for the Charlotte Bobcats

Portrayed By: James Lafferty

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OTH Profile of the Month: Peyton

The featured One Tree Hill profile for the month of September is…



Name: Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer Scott

Age: 23

Relationship Status: Married to Lucas Scott

Past Relationships: Nathan Scott, Jake Jigielski, and  Julian Baker

Children: Sawyer Scott

Parents: Ellie Harp and Mick Wolf but adopted by Larry and Anna Sawyer

Siblings: Derek Sommers

Best Friends: Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott

Other Relatives (not by marriage): None

Hobbies: Drawing and Listening to Music

High School Activities: Raven’s Cheerleading

Profession: Owner of Bedroom Records

Portrayed By: Hilary Burton

Peyton may have also left Tree Hill for good, but she’s a character we will all miss.

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OTH Profile of the Month: Lucas

Every month I’ll post a profile on each of our favorite One Tree Hill characters.

This month… Lucas.


Name: Lucas Eugene Scott

Age: 23

Relationship Status: Married to Peyton Sawyer Scott

Past Relationships: Brooke Davis, Anna Taggaro, and Lindsey Strauss

Children: Sawyer Scott

Parents: Karen Roe and Dan Scott

Siblings: Nathan Scott and Lily Roe Scott

Best Friends: Haley James Scott, Antwon “Skills” Taylor, Marvin “Mouth” McFadden

Other Relatives: Keith Scott, uncle;  Jamie Scott, nephew

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Playing Basketball

High School Activities: Raven’s Basketball

Profession: Bestselling author

Portrayed By: Chad Micheal Murray

He may have left Tree Hill for good, but Lucas Eugene Scott will forever be in our hearts.

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