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Goodbye Lucas and Peyton

I’m actually kind of shocked at how many people still ask ‘Where are Lucas and Peyton?’ But the question is still asked and the ones that do still ask are very shocked. As were everyone else when they first found out. Some of you miss them, and some of you don’t.

I’d first like to thank everyone who left a comment on the Discussion post and who left a reply about the subject on Twitter. I had a lot of responses for this discussion.

Like I said, some miss them and some don’t. Some have even mentioned that they may not watch the show anymore. I think if you are a true, avid fan of the show you will continue to watch no matter what. But that is just my own personal opinion. I have been an avid fan since day one and I will continue to watch no matter what. Yes, the show is different without two main characters, but it’s not like its a whole entirely different show. And that is what some thing. We still have Naley, and Brooke, and unfortunately, Dan too. We even have the minor characters that have been around from season one. So there are a few new characters? Mark isn’t trying to replace Lucas and Peyton, he is just trying to compensate for their loss. The show is still in good running and I think this season is a great one! Chad and Hilarie decided not to come back. It was their choice. We shouldn’t punish the rest of the cast or Mark, by not watching, because of something they chose to do.

With that being said, do I miss Leyton? Well being a Brucas fan, I do not miss Lucas and Peyton as a couple, but I do miss their individual characters. I miss the friendships they shared with the other characters and what they brought to the show as individuals. Even so, I still love the show without them. Yes, I miss them, but the show must go on and we have to accept the fact that they are gone, and they may not come back. May being the operative term. Some people act like Lucas and Peyton got killed off. They just got written off! Chad and Hilarie may decided in the future if they want to come back, even at least for a guest spot, or one episode. Hopefully they will at least be back for the series finale. It always sucks when a main character gets written off, but at least they weren’t killed off, and that is always worse.

And the show is just not about Lucas and Peyton. The show started off about Lucas and Nathan and their relationship with each other and others. Season 6 revolved mostly around Leyton, but the whole series has not revolved around them. We still have Naley, who is the other main couple in the show, and who has just as much story time as Leyton, if not more. Yes, if it were James and Joy who decided not to return, I would probably feel the same as some of you do, but like I said I would continue to watch no matter what. I had faith that Mark would make this season great, without two main characters, and I think he has accomplished that. This season, so far, has been one hell of a ride for these characters and I feel as if it’s only going to get more dramatic. I think Mark has done a great job with this season and I think it’s just going to get better!


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Season 7 Premiere Recap and Discussion

Season 7 has finally begun and I know that I’m super excited about it! I’ve asked what you guys were most excited for and thank you to all that has sent me a reply on Twitter.

You guys were most excited to see some Brulian. I know that I was really excited for both of those things, and still am. I think they are an amazing couple and are so cute together! Even though I have always been a Brucas fan, I’m so glad that Brooke has finally found true love. And I about died when she wrote “Marry Me” in the sand. It’s a little soon, I think, but it would be amazing to watch a wedding between them.

The thing that I was the most excited to see was Naley. We saw a lot of them during season 6 in the beginning, but not so much toward the end. I’m excited to see how the whole cheating scandal plays out. I about threw something at the television when that random girl showed up saying that Nathan slept with her on the road. I don’t think he did it, what do you guys think? He doesn’t seem the person to get drunk and not remember, that was the old Nate, so what other explanation is there?

I also know a lot of you are a little slow in warming up to the new characters, and that is understandable. It’s not like all the new characters are there to replace the friendship between Lucas, Peyton, and the rest of the group. It’s not like they are all random people they suddenly became friends with over the last 14 months. I’m sure in time we will grow to like these new characters. It is kind of disappointing that they didn’t really explain why Lucas and Peyton left, but we have to have faith in Mark and we have to have faith that he will make this season as great as the others.

One thing that I thought was really random is Dan having his own talk show. Like, do theses people not know who he is and know that he murdered his brother? It just seems odd to me. What do you guys think?

But I loved this premiere episode. I loved Jamie’s cuteness and Skills and Mouth’s nakedness. I’m also excited for tonight’s episode. I’m excited for Rachel to come back, and I really want to know what is going to happen between Nathan and Haley.

SO FOR A NEW DISCUSSION: What are you looking forward to this season? What do you want to see more of? What did you like, not like, about the season 7 premiere?

Sorry, for such a short post, but like I’ve said before, school keeps me busy. But I will try harder to post things on time and such. I’ll try be back tomorrow with a recap/review of episode 2.

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Brucas All the Way

That’s right fellow One Tree Hill fans…I am a Brucas fan. I have always been a Brucas fan, and I will always be a Brucas fan, even though I know it’s never going to happen. I mean, even Mark is a Leyton fan, and considering he is the creator of the show, ultimately what he says, goes. But that still doesn’t change my mind.

Some say that the only reason Lucas dated Brooke in season one was because Peyton didn’t want to be with him, and I don’t really believe that. When Lucas first met Peyton, he was instantly crushing on her. He tried and tried to be with her but she just wasn’t ready, and who could blame her? But then again, I don’t think she ever knew what she wanted. I’m sure when he first started hanging out with Brooke it was to make Peyton jealous or whatever, but after really hanging out with her, and getting to know her, he liked Brooke too. I mean he had to of liked her or he would have chosen Peyton that night she came to¬† his door only to find out that Lucas was already dating Brooke.

Some also say that it was wrong of Brooke to go after Lucas when she knew that Peyton also liked him. Well, I disagree. When she started talking about how she wanted to hook up with Lucas, Peyton kept telling her she was not into him. And not to mention she was with Nathan. If it were me and I liked a guy who I thought my friend also liked, if she kept assuring me she didn’t have feelings for him, I would go after him. Even when Brooke and Lucas were together, Brooke asked her all the time about her feelings for Lucas, and Peyton kept denying them. You can say it was because Peyton was a good friend, but I disagree. I speak from experience when I say, its better for someone to be honest then to keep lying to your face. Especially when it is your best friend. If Brooke was really Peyton’s best friend she would have just been glad Peyton was telling her the truth. Brooke got mad, when she finally did find out the truth, because Peyton kept denying her feelings and she had an affair with Lucas behind her back when Peyton knew how much she cared about him. Before everything got messy, Peyton should have just been honest with her feelings from the beginning.

But it was right choice when Lucas decided to not date either of them. And I was happy when all three of them starting to become friends again, because that’s how it should be. But I still wished Brucas would get back together. When season two rolled around and Lucas admitted that there was a girl he still had feelings for, everyone thought it would be Peyton. But it wasn’t! It was Brooke, and I was oh so happy! I was also happy for Peyton and Jake. I’m also a Jeyton fan, But we aren’t talking about them, are we?

Anyway, I felt so bad for Lucas when he admitted that he had feelings for Brooke, and when he went to go tell her, Brooke was with Felix. I thought it was adorable, everything Lucas did for Brooke. It really showed that he cared about her and wanted to be with her. Sadly she never caught on, but it wasn’t long until Brooke finally started rekindling her feelings for Lucas after the breakup with Felix. Even Peyton noticed Brooke’s feelings for Lucas, and I have heard this from some people, Brooke never got permission to date Lucas, but that’s wrong. Peyton DID tell Brooke that it was fine if she dated Lucas again. Peyton was happy with Jake and she was happy for Brooke if she dated Lucas. Even when Brooke thought Lucas had feelings for Peyton, and she told Peyton this, Peyton still didn’t want to be with Lucas, because she was in love with Jake.

I agree with Kristen, when she says Brucas’s relationship was real. In real life people do not fall in love at first sight. Not many people do anyway. Brooke and Lucas’s relationship was more real. They brought the best out in each other. Brooke was there for Lucas many times and Lucas was there for Brooke a lot too. He also showed her that she didn’t have to be the slutty, dumb, cheerleader that everyone thought that she was. He showed her that she was more than that. Yes, at first, they dated for the wrong reasons, but after they became really good friends, they got together for the right reasons.

Even thought I love Brucas, I still liked Brooke with Chase too. He also brought good out in her. I just don’t understand how Lucas went from saying he only saw Peyton as a friend, to saying he had feelings for her too. To me, it was all just too quick.

To me, Leyton, made me kinda want to gag. Their relationship was just too cheesy for me. It seemed forced in a way. Especially in season six. Not only that but their storyline was all too depressing and morbid, I think.

All in all, I will forever be a Brucas fan and I’m kind of glad that Lucas and Peyton wont be on the show anymore. But at least all you Leyton fans can sleep soundly knowing that Lucas and Peyton wound up together in the end, even though the show isn’t over.

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My Thoughts on Chad/Hil Departure

Thank you all for all your comments on the discussion post. Like I said previous times before, it was a sad day when Chad Micheal Murray and Hilarie Burton decided to not return to our beloved One Tree Hill. I mean how can you leave a show, where you were a main character for six years? I understand why Hilarie left, I mean if there is no Lucas, how can their be a Peyton? And how would they be able to explain that one, epecially after they got their happy ending. But how can Chad just walk away from a show where essentially it was about HIM? I just don’t really understand it.

But you know what? Good riddence, I say. I mean I like Hilary, and I’m going to miss the interaction between Peyton and Brooke and Haley. They had a wonderful freindship that could surpass anything. But, I’m not really going to miss Chad. I started watching the show because I loved, CMM, but after seeing James for the first time, he started growing on me more and more. Especially after what Chad, supposedly, did to Sophia Bush. After that I just lost all respect for him. I mean, I love him as an actor, I love everything he is in, but as a person, I don’t like him so much anymore. So, I guess I really wont miss him too much.

And even though, I’m glad Lucas and Peyton, left on a good note, which leaves potential for them to come back to the show for a guest spot, I’m not really going to miss seeing them. I was never a big fan of Leyton, I was always a Brucas fan. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was happy when they did get a happy ending, you know, with Peyton not dying in childbirth and whatnot. But I never really liked them together, so I guess I’m not really going to miss them on screen together. But like I said, I’ll miss Peyton’s interactions with everyone else, and I’ll miss Lucas’ interactions with everyone else too.

I always knew that I would watch the show without them, because I have loved this show since the beginning. Yes, I did start watching it because of CMM, but after watching it I fell in love with the rest of the cast too. In my mind, if you are a true fan of the show, you will continue to watch the show, and give it the benifit of the doubt that it can continue without two main characters. At first I didn’t think it could continue after this next season, because it got me thinking about what happened to the O.C. after they killed of Marissa. I have always thought One Tree Hill was better than The O.C. and I think that if everyone still has hope in OTH that it CAN survive a few more seasons. Just take a look at Beverly Hills 90210, it survived without some main characters. And it’s not like Lucas and Peyton are dead on the show. They can come back for a guest role. I think Mark and the writers have good things for us as season 7 rolls around and I’m excited to see what happens next. I mean, season 6 was strongly about Lucas and Peyton, I’m excited to see more storylines concerning the rest of the cast. I know that Leyton was loved by many, but I think it was about time they moved on. I don’t think there is anymore they can write for them. I think if they would have stayed, they would have just been spare parts for the show.

I’m excited for the new season, I’m sad we had to loose two characters that were important to the show, but I think good things are in store for us. I’m excited to see new characters, and I think they will bring some good drama to the show. I’m also excited to see old faces returning. All in all, I think even without Chad or Hilarie, its still going to be the amazing show that we all know and love.

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