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Lookback: Peyton vs. Haley

So I’ve currently been re-watching Season 3 of One Tree Hill and I can’t help but hate the way that Peyton treated Haley when Haley got back from the tour.

When Haley returned, Peyton ignored her and was a bitch to her. And for what, exactly? Was Peyton angry at Haley for leaving? I’m not sure. Was Peyton angry at Haley for not calling while she was away? Maybe. Was Peyton just angry at birth mother, Ellie, for giving her up and then returning 17 years later, but taking it out on Haley? Most likely.

If you remember, Peyton was the one that stuck up for Haley when she left to go on tour with Chris. She was the one that encouraged her singing and wanted her to sing that duet, at Tric, with Chris.  She was the one that told Nathan “Sometimes they come back.” So why the sudden change of heart when Haley returned to Tree Hill?

My thoughts are that Peyton was angry at Ellie for leaving and she was taking it out on Haley. But why?

Peyton answered that very question after her and Haley finally made up. She was taking it out on her because she was the only one who came back. Although, in my opinion, I still don’t see that as an excuse for Peyton’s behavior. I love Peyton, but I just didn’t like the way she treated Haley, because there wasn’t a real reason.

What do you guys think??


October 2, 2009 at 1:59 PM 1 comment

NH: True Love, Always and Forever

The other night I finished season one of One Tree Hill for like the millionth time. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve watched this season all the way through. All I know that its the season that I’ve watched the most. I remember watching it when I got my sisters hooked on the show, my mom hooked on the show, and now my boyfriend. Every time a new season comes to DVD I always catch up by re watching the entire series. Season one is defiantly one of my favorites.

Season one is my favorite season for many reasons. The main reason I think its my favorite is because there are so many Nathan and Haley scenes. Nathan and Haley is not only my favorite relationship on this show, but of all shows that I have watched in the past and currently.

I not only love the chemistry James and Joy have when they are on screen together, but I love what kind of relationship Nathan and Haley have. Its a kind of relationship everyone in real life wishes to have. Not the getting married at 16 part, but the true love that these two characters share. Everyone wishes to find that one person, their true love, their soul mate, the person they are suppose to share their live with. Nathan and Haley found that in each other.

With their relationship, at first, it was really hard telling if they were going to last or not. Nathan was this popular jock, who was a jerk most of the time, and loved having sex. Haley was the not so popular, kind of nerdy, virgin girl. Who would have known that she would fall in love with someone so totally opposite of her, and who would have known that the girl that Nathan chose to get back at his half brother who he hated, he would end up falling in love with. Im pretty sure no other character saw that coming, and I’m sure no one watching it seen it coming. But it did happen, and Nathan was changed for the better because of it. He was no longer the jerkface he was before, and even Haley made new friends because of her new found popularity.

Looking back on Nathan and Haley’s first tutoring session, first date, first kiss, first fight, all leading up to their first “I love you’s” reminded me how much I love watching season one. Although they got married only shortly after saying “I love you,” and at 16 years old, you had to think to yourself ‘how realistic is that?’ I mean this is TV of course. Even so, it makes me really happy to see two people so in love with one another.

Ever since I fell in love with Nathan and Haley, I wanted a relationship like theirs. I mean I didn’t want to get married at 16, but I wanted to find my soul mate. Despite what happens to them in season two and on, they still made it work, and they didn’t give up on their relationship, or each other. And going into season seven they are still so in love and their relationship has gotten stronger because of all the things that has happened in their relationship.

Despite being a fictional couple, they are the epitome of true love. They were each other’s first loves and every time they fight they don’t give up but they fight to keep the relationship together.

In the real world, I have found my Nathan Scott, which is why my love for Nathan and Haley’s relationship only grows bigger. I have found my true love, my soul mate, the person I will spend the rest of my life with. This may sound cheesy but its true. Since the first time I watched Nathan and Haley interact with each other and fall in love, I have wanted a relationship like that. And I found that person almost two years ago.

I can’t wait to see more Nathan and Haley moments coming up in season 7.

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