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7.13 “Weeks Go By Like Days” Recap/Review

Sorry that it’s a day late, yesterday I was a little busy. But here is a recap and my reaction of episode 7.13, “Weeks Go By Like Days.”

First off, it was great seeing Haley performing again. I loved that she got to take Jamie and Nathan with her. While my friend kept yelling about how she hates when Haley sings, I personally love it when she sings. I think Joy is very talented and its great to see her do both singing and acting at the same time.

The rest of the episode was also great. It was a great episode to come back from hiatus with. Although some parts made me really mad, but what can we do? All that just comes with being a dramatic show. It’s not always going to be pleasing, but its always going to be dramatic.

Lets start off with Brooke and Julian….the part that made me the most upset. I really wish, just for once, that Brooke will be happy. She was happy there for a minute, but it didn’t seem to last very long. On one hand, I understand why she is being so untrustworthy toward Julian, but on the other hand, I think its a little too much. She knows Julian loves her, so why can’t she just let his working relationship with Alex go? But I do get where she is coming from. Every person Julian has tried to “help” he has fallen in love with. First Peyton, and then Brooke, and now maybe Alex?? I can see that Julian really does love Brooke, but are there underlying feelings for Alex as well? In my opinion, there probably are. I just with Brooke would get over it already and just be with Julian, because we all know that’s what she wants. He’s been fighting and fighting for her and for some reason she is just not getting it. Although, I don’t think its Julian she doesn’t trust, I think its mostly Alex. I think Brooke is just trying to back off so she can sit back and see if anything does form between Julian and Alex. And this is her way of getting hurt now, rather than later…do you see what I’m saying?

Speaking of Alex, I’m glad she is starting to change things more, but I still don’t like her. I love that she is trying to help Millie, because she knows more than anyone what its like to be addicted to cocaine. At first I thought she was getting back into her own drug addicting ways, but I was glad that she wasn’t. I am glad she is helping Millie, however, I still think she is trying to get with Julian. She may be backing off a little now, but once she knows that Julian isn’t going to fight for Brooke anymore and that Brooke isn’t going to fight for Julian, I think she is going to go try and sink her claws into Julian once again. I have never trusted Alex and this little change in her isn’t going to make me change my mind. There is just something about her.

Moving on, away from all that drama, lets go on to a whole other piece of drama…Clay and Quinn. There is just something about them being together that I don’t like. I’ve always wanted her to make up with David, because they were married, and I personally don’t really believe in divorce, and I thought it was kinda wrong for her to be going for Clay when she was still married. I understand that Quinn and David’s relationship was over when she was going after Clay, but still. Although I am glad she is finally divorced, though, because it seems less immoral. Anyway, now that Quinn is divorced, there is something about her relationship with Clay that I still don’t like. I don’t know, maybe its all the cheesy lines and whatnot that comes out of their relationship. I kind of feel the way, that I feel toward Lucas and Peyton. I don’t know, maybe my thoughts will change later.

Talking about this whole Clay/Quinn/David love triangle thing, brings me to this…WHAT THE HELL IS TAYLOR DOING WITH DAVID!? She had to have known that was Quinn’s ex-husband…I mean there was a wedding, right!? Did she like not attend, or ever meet David, or not remember him, or what!? This part is a little confusing. I mean she had to have known who he was. Knowing Taylor she did know but didn’t care. I mean afterall, it is Taylor. But its kinda sad to see that she hasn’t changed after all these years.

Before I go, I’d like to say that I loved Victoria this episode. I thought she was hilarious, as usual. Now that her and Brooke are “mother/daughter” Victoria has grown on me. She is actually quite funny and witty. I also love that she is helping Millie. I just hope that Millie really does want to change.

And another thing, I’m not too sure about this Alexander guy. We didn’t see him much so I can’t really say a whole lot on him except that the whole Alex/Alexander thing is a bit weird.


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Episode 7.05 Recap/Review

Monday’s episode was filled with drama and I have to say was one of the best episodes yet, this season.

First of all I would like to say that I loved seeing Chase and Mia together in this episode. I love those two together and they were just adorable in this episode!

Quinn and Clay also got pretty close in this episode. Something tells me they are going to hook up sometime during this season, even though Quinn is a married woman. A lot of people want to see them get together, and although that would be cute, I would like to see her be divorced first. There is nothing I hate more than someone who cheats, even if they are separated.

But, I think the most dramatic part of the episode was when Haley gets arrest for assault and battery. And I have to say, watching that slap gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it! I felt so bad for Jamie, thought, having to watch his mom get arrested like that. But it was hilarious when he opened the door to the policemen and got scared, after Haley got done telling him the “tooth police” were going to come if he didn’t brush his teeth. So cute!! Reminded me of the time Skills told him that Dan got arrested for not cleaning his room. However, the look on his face, while they put handcuffs on his mom and put her in the back of the squad car, was just so sad.

I’m so glad that Renee decided to drop the charges. I mean, come on! It was just a bitch slap. Haley could have done way worse! I still hate Renee, none the less. And even though she said that her number was on Nathan’s phone bill, and it turned out it was, I still have that feeling that Nathan didn’t do it. Something tells me that Renee set that up herself, just like the pregnancy!

So Millie’s new job is modeling for Brooke. I knew it had to be something along those lines. Although I think it’s great, I still don’t think its a good idea. Ever since she walked down that runway, I feel as if something has changed with Millie. And the main reason, that I think, is her hanging out with Alex. I do NOT think that is a good idea on Millie’s part! Not at all!! I mean staying out all night long and not calling Mouth to tell her where she was, is not Millie! And Mouth’s comment to her might have been a bit mean, but I have to agree with him. It’s fine if Millie wants to be a model, but she doesn’t need to be acting like one. And so far, she is starting to. And in my opinion, Alex is the reason why.

Speaking of Alex, I hated her in this episode. What the hell did she think she was doing, walking to the door in just a t-shirt and no underwear, and then instead of putting on clothes, just putting on underwear. I don’t know what she thinks she is trying to do, but thank goodness Julian didn’t fall for it. And what the hell was that, when she got naked in front of him!!! But I loved it when Brooke went over there and gave Alex a piece of her mind! And what she said was 100% true! But Alex needed to hear it. Unfortunately Julian decided to give Alex another chance, which Brooke is very jealous about, and I don’t see that working out for the best, considering the previews for  next week.

And those previews look pretty intense. We, hopefully, get to find out what Dan’s proposition is, since we didn’t get to find out this episode. And Brooke walks in on something between Julian and Alex which results in Julian sleeping on the couch and Alex being fired…hm…makes me wonder!?

Until next week!

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Episode 7.04 Recap/Review

Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill, 7.04, was not as crazy as the last few episodes have been, but it was a pretty good episode none the less. Lets get into it, shall we?

I actually couldn’t believe how nice Alex was being in this episode. It was almost quite weird. But she definatly went up a step in my book with her plan to get Millie into the fashion show instead of that model that was dogging her. Giving the model pills, so she’d pass out…priceless! And Millie rocked the runway! Especially with Brooke’s amazing idea to revamp Millie’s outfit, considering she couldn’t fit into the dress the other model was wearing. “Zero is not a size.” And it sure isn’t a size! And why is Millie hanging out with Alex at after after parties? I’m not sure that will be a good idea on her part!

Although, I did like Alex in this episode, I still can’t say what her intentions are with Julian. The only intenstions she has better be only professional. If she hits on Julian or makes a move on him while they are working on her movie script, she’s going back on my shit list! And you could tell that Brooke was a bit jealous, and maybe she should be. She’s probably just worried about getting hurt again, but do you blame her?

Victoria returned in this episode to help out with the fashion show, and I have to say, I actually didn’t hate her that much in this episode. I actually kinda liked her in this episode. With her comments about Alex being the “former actress we’re overpaying,” to her conversation with Julian about how Brooke is happier than ever being with him, to her niceness toward Millie, I don’t see how I could hate her in this episode.

I felt so bad for Jamie in tonight’s episode. He is just so innocent and he really doesn’t know whats going on with the whole Renee thing. He knows what she’s doing, and he knows that she’s lying, but he really doesn’t understand why all this is happening. And it’s very quite sad. It broke my heart when he asked what a “lovechild.” was. And it broke my heart even more when he was talking to his friends and Chuck made that comment about Nathan’s infidelity being true or else it wouldn’t be in that magazine, according to his mom. Some people are just stupid! So that bit about the alien baby, also in that magazine, that must be true, too, right? I loved Nathan’s conversation with Jamie though. Reassuring him that by looking at his picture of Haley and Jamie, it makes him doing the right thing and if he ever has a brother it’s going to be by him and Haley.

I loved Mouth in this episode. He is such an amazing guy and I knew he would never talk about Nathan’s story on the news and that he would rather quit his job before doing so, which is what he did. He is such a great guy!

I also kinda like Miranda in this episode, as well. I loved that she stuck up for Haley when the interview wanted to ask her about Nathan’s infidelity. I don’t even understand what that has anything to do with Haley and the record label, but of course she asked about it.

We saw a little bit more of Quinn this episode and her husband, David. I was actually quite bored of this storyline, and her talking about how she wants a divorce. David showing up at Tric drunk, wanting to talk to Quinn was probably not the best idea, and I dont think Quinn going home with Clay was the best idea either, on her part. But at least we got to see a little of Clay and we saw a bit more of his vunerable side.

Chase was also back this episode! I love Chase and I was so excited to see him! I thought it was funny, how everytime he says “hi” to Victoria she never remembers him. And I loved his drink, that he tried to make. It was cute that he attempted.

So where was Renee during this whole episode? We didn’t see her to the end but when we did see her, it was the best scene all night! How dare she walk up to Haley and tell her that Nathan doesn’t love her. Of course Nathan loves Haley! We all know that and we all know that its not going to change. According to Renee, however, Nathan told her otherwise when the were “making love.” I’m sorry, but isn’t it making love, if your in love? How could Nathan be in love with someone he just met at the party, the same night, this supposed infidelity happend? That bitch is clearly insane and needs some medication. She deserved that bitch slap from Haley, and should have gotten a whole lot more. I don’t care if she is 3 months pregnant. Using your unborn child to get money is sick! I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t even pregnant, but stole someone’s ultra sound. But if she really is pregnant, I still don’t believe its Nathan’s.

So, next week’s episode should be really good, and I’m already pumped for it! Haley gets arrested for assult and battery and Dan makes a proposition with Renee. Dan better be doing something to benifit his relationship with his son instead of making it worse! I have a feeling episode 7.05 is going to be a good one!

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Episode 7.03 Recap/Review

I have to say that I loved Monday night’s episode of One Tree Hill. I think this season just keeps getting better and better. However, we still haven’t heard why Leyton decided to move away, or when the left, and a lot of you want to know. I really want to know, as well. I’m sure we will all find out soon. Anyway, let’s talk about 7.03, shall we?


I have to say that I think she is a huge bitch. Who does she think she is staying out all night long when she knows she has a photo shoot to get to. Better yet, who does she think she is flirting with Julian like that when she knows that he is Brooke’s boyfriend. And what the heck was the comment about “Your too old for him.” Seriously? They look to be about the same age! But I love how Brooke puts her in her place and tells her who’s boss. Same with Millie. I love how she brings up the money every time Alex does something stupid, to let her know that they aren’t going to mess around with her. I liked their bar scene together. I can see them being friends in the future. I really can’t stand Alex right now, though, but I think there is more to her. Brooke was a huge bitch in season one and now look at her. I hated her then and now she is my favorite character. And who didn’t see Alex hooking up with Clay? They are so perfect for each other! [[“I’m a slut.”]] Ya got that right, Alex!


I love these two together. They have such a great friendship. I love how everyone always goes to Jamie when they have a problem and Jamie tells it like it is. Skills was a huge baby when he saw that iguana, but it was hilarious! [[“What about that thing” “His name is Percy and he eats bugs and stuff.”]] I wonder how much longer this little charade is going to last between Skills and Mouth. I’d like to see him movie in with Miss Lauren.


So we got to see how their “relationship” started. Of course she was the stripper at the club that Dan was at.  Which totally disgusted me out, by the way. I wonder how long it took her to blow that money that she stole from Brooke? I also wonder if everyone knows that she is back in town and if they know about her and Dan’s marriage. A marriage, that by the way is a not really about love. She has a pretty good idea, though. Marry him because he’s going to die soon. That’s if he ever dies. I’m beginning to think he’s never going to die. I still can’t get over the fact that he has his own talk show and that people actually watch it. I find Dan to be very irritating this season. More so than before.


I’m so glad that Haley is standing by Nathan’s side and she’s not letting that bitch Renee get what she wants, Nathan’s money. I loved her little speech to Clay. It’s exactly what he needed to hear because I’m beginning to think that sometimes he doesn’t keep in mind Haley and Jamie when he’s throwing parties for Nathan and what not. I just feel so bad for Jamie, but I’m glad that Nathan went to go tell him the truth, because he needs to know before he finds out somewhere else.

I’m so pumped for next week. Bitchtoria is back. Is this the season of bitches or what? And I can’t wait to see how Jamie reacts to the news of his father.

Until next week!

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Episode 7.02: Recap and Review

So I think its safe to say that last night was a crazy episode for One Tree Hill. However, I don’t know about you guys, but I loved it. Some of you are still missing Leyton, but I still think its a good show without them. I’m sure there could have been more storylines with them but after last season the only thing we probably would have been seeing is them adjusting to married life and being parents. There probably would have been no drama with those two, and well, One Tree Hill is a drama, and this season I know there will be a lot of it. I mean, there is plenty of drama already.

So speaking of drama, lets talk about last night’s:


Dan and Rachel had the first big shock of the night! They’re MARRIED!? Obviously this happened during the 14 months of the show that we didn’t see. But, when…and more importantly, WHY? Why did Dan and Rachel get married? Because from the looks of it she doesn’t love him, and he probably isn’t in love with her either. It looks to me is that they both are using each other. Her for his money, and him for publicity..maybe? I guess we’ll find out, and I hope that its soon! And has Dan really changed this time? I’m not so sure. I think he was doing that whole, talk to the homeless guy thing, for publicity. I mean, why else would Rachel take a picture of them? But then again, Rachel wasn’t around to take a picture the second time we went to talk to the homeless guy. So who knows? I know one thing…that whole talk show thing is already starting to annoy me. I do not like voice overs from Dan. That is one thing I miss from Lucas, his voice overs.

What do you guys think of Rachel being back in Tree Hill and being married to Dan? And do you think Dan has really changed?


All I can say is…GO HALEY!! She totally showed that bitch who was boss! [[“Who’s the bitch now!? Bitch!]] It was also good to see Mia come back into the picture. I hope we see more of her. And that impersonation of Lucas and Peyton was priceless! Very funny!!


I fall in love with Bruilan more and more. They are such an amazing couple and they are so in love. I did feel really bad for Brooke when Julian was talking about how they weren’t getting married, only moving in together. I’m sure after some more time together, he will change his mind! But I love how Brooke called his dad stood up for him. And of course his dad doesn’t remember that special day they had together. Go figure!


Seriously!? What is up with this girl! She is totally two-faced for one, and for two, she is really stupid! But even though she is all those things, she is a pretty damn good actress. Using that line from her movie, about the dress on Brooke right when Brooke was about to not use her for the line…what a bitch move! And what the heck was up with her whole “I don’t wear purple.” She is Brooke’s employee and she will wear whatever Brooke tells her to wear. Besides, that dress was really pretty! I really hope this girl gets a reality check soon!


Looks like Mouth and Skills are still on their “naked” thing. I thought it was hilarious last episode and it’s still hilarious now! Although, I was a bit disappointed to not see Mouth in this episode. But it was really cute when Jamie and Skills were talking about it in the car and “kept their cool” when Miss Lauren got in the car. I also thought it was hilarious when Jamie left them buried in the sand! Too funny! And I just loved Jamie when he mentioned Nanny Carrie and the leash that Skills once put him on. That kid is just too cute!

And last but not least…


I wanted to strangle this bitch by her neck, through the television! I honestly believe that Nathan would not cheat on Haley, even if he had been drinking. When Clay mentioned that they were pretty wasted, Nathan was just like “yeah, I guess,” like he was really drunk but he wasn’t drunk enough to black out and not remember sleeping with someone else. And I do not think that Renee’s child is Nathan’s. I think she slept with someone else at the party and is just trying to pin it on Nathan. Who knows, maybe it’s even Clay’s baby. He seems to be the person that would black out a lot and sleep with a ton of girls. But at least Nathan told Haley the situation.

What do you guys thing? Do you think Nathan cheated on Haley and is now going to be the father of this woman’s child?

Although, Nathan claims that he didn’t do what the woman is claiming he did, at least Haley is standing by him, which is the way it should be. I’m excited to see more of this story unfold next week.

Until next week!

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