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One Tree Hill on Trending Topics

For those of you that are on Twitter, last week Christy-Anne over at OTH Twitter Bugs, started getting people to hashtag One Tree Hill so we can start getting it on Trending Topics every Monday.

This Monday we had no prevail, and I was tweeting like crazy, I even went over my limit for the first time ever, but we are going to continue doing this.

So if your wondering, “What the heck is a trending topic?”…well a trending topic is the most keywords being discussed on Twitter. You can find them at the bottom of the page, when your getting ready to log on, or you can find them to the right hand side of the page, after you log on. Sometimes there is a hashtag in front, which puts the tag into groups, or sometimes there is no hashtag.

So every Monday, make sure you use #onetreehill as much as possible to get it up on the trending topics. We need like 75 tweets an hour, with #onetreehill, to even be considered for a spot on the trending topic list. But, don’t just use it on Mondays, use is during the week, as much as possible, as well. We need to get the point across to other fans on Twitter, so spread the word!

So remember, anytime during the week, when you are talking about One Tree Hill, make sure to use #onetreehill so it gets put into a group, which you can search for, and more people will know and start doing it also. On Monday, however, use it as much as possible, so we can get it on Trending Topics. Use it especially during the episode and after the episode, when you are discussing it. But let’s be considerate of the people that aren’t watching it or can’t watch it, try not to use spoilers.

Just remember to use #onetreehill as much as possible during the week, and especially on Monday’s. If more and more people get the idea then we will make it on Trending Topics in no time, so make sure to spread the word!


September 30, 2009 at 1:01 PM 1 comment